5 Tips for Successful Marriage and Family Therapy:

  1. Acknowledge that a problem exists! A lot of times difficulties in marriage can be made worse by ignoring issues because they're difficult to talk about. Participating in Marriage Therapy is a great opportunity to tackle difficulties we might have otherwise avoided in the past, and being honest about those problems is often the best way to keep them from coming up again and again.
  2. Acknowledge your role in the problem! Its certainly always easier to identify faults in others than to examine our own contributions to a difficult situation, but our experience here at Resolutions has taught us that the surest and most effective way for dealing with marital challenges is often to examine our own role in problems as they arise, rather than just blaming our partner.
  3. Be willing to consider behavior change! It will likely take more than just doing book learning to keep a relationship working well. Love is created and maintained through our ongoing actions, and sometimes certain behaviors can get in the way of creating the relationship we'd like to have with our partner. Being willing to change is an important initial step to getting the relationship we want.
  4. Monitor Your Expectations! Many times people come to Marital Therapy looking for an easy fix, hoping that the Therapist will simply say something that will "make" the relationship better. Unfortunately there are no easy fixes, but being willing to put in the time and energy to examine our own behaviors powerfully, makes a big difference in the outcome of the Marital Therapy.
  5. .Be patient! Lasting change and marital satisfaction take time and effort, and the more energy we devote to our marriage, the more likely we are to be satisfied with ourselves and our partner.