Simone Cosper, LMSW

General Information:

General Information

My name is Simone, and I offer a non-judgmental, listening ear to anyone who needs to talk. I graduated with a master’s degree in social work from Wichita State University in 2016.

I believe that you are the expert of your own life. Through motivational interviewing, you will be encouraged to Be the best version of yourself, whatever that might mean to you. I offer trauma informed care. We will work towards identifying and addressing past and current issues going on in your life.

I offer cognitive therapies to help you identify and address the way you think about yourself and your interactions with others. You will be given tools to gain control over any setbacks and stressors you face.

I also specialize in grief counseling. I offer tools to cope with loss. I can help you work through the death of a loved one, going through divorce or break-up, experiencing a decline in health and independence.

I am available from Monday-Saturday. I offer mornings, afternoon, and evening appointments.