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I wanted to reach out to you in regards to a therapist and the front desk in your Waco office. Our therapist has been working with me and my family since September last year, and I cannot sing her praises enough. She has gone above and beyond to help our family navigate a difficult time which I truthfully believe would not be possible without her help. The addition of her groups in the evenings have been a tremendous help for not only myself, but my husband as well. She and your front office staff always find a way to get us on schedule despite our challenging work schedules. They both have advocated for us on numerous occasions with our jobs, ensuring our privacy and treating us all with the utmost respect even when the base or other agencies are giving them a hard time. I wanted to tell you that this interaction has greatly helped myself and my husband's approach on our marriage, but most importantly our view on therapy. My children love seeing both her and the office admin every week, and they are always so patient and kind with them which has made them come out of their shells, and make tremendous progress both at home and in school. Our previous therapist who was amazing, they had a little more difficulty with so this is a welcomed breathe of fresh air. I so appreciate your time and hope you can pass this along to both of them! 

The therapists here are great! When you schedule an appointment they check to see what your preferences are and let you know about what therapists offer evenings, weekends, and daytime appointments. The customer service is very respectful and they offer discrete reminder calls or texts. When it comes to costs they can give you a heads up on what you may need to pay. Overall its a good environment and love the supportive setting.

My wife and I have participated in couples and individual counseling various times throughout our 20 year marriage. I've experienced both good and bad facilities and therapists; Resolutions Therapy is by far the best I've seen!

From the time you walk into the door, you feel welcome. You are warmly greeted and offered something to drink. Even when they are clearly busy with any number of distractions typical of running a business, they always take a moment to focus on you specifically and purposefully. Their facility is, in a word, comfortable.

Michael Hunter has a gentle, easy manner. My conversations with him are always insightful and far reaching. No matter the topic of discussion he enthusiastically engages me. It feels like a simple, pleasant conversation wherein we've contributed equally. Yet, in truth, he skillfully draws out and clarifies my own thoughts.

I successfully operate my own company. Through the years I've overseen various business operations involving hundred million dollar budgets and many employees. We all need help organizing our priorities from time to time. Without Resolutions Therapy you are at a disadvantage. My business and life are richer knowing Michael Hunter and his staff.

I wasn't sure i wanted to post for all to see, but i know there are a lot of choices out there when your looking for someone to talk with, these guys and gals are the best. Michael Hunter i have only known for a few months , but I have found him to be very good at helping you work through issues. I would highly recommend Resolutions Therapy .

I have been seeing Sabrina Hooks for a year now and she's been absolutely wonderful!
My husband and I started going to her for marriage counseling. We were seriously contemplating divorce. She worked with us, gave us wonderful tools and different perspectives and completely turned our marriage around for the better! Unfortunately, my husband passed away, but she transitioned straight to grief counseling without skipping a beat. She's empathetic, yet realistic and I thoroughly enjoy our visits. She's helped me through an extremely difficult time in my life and I can't thank her enough.
If you're looking for someone that will listen, not judge, be up front and honest and super friendly, then I definitely would recommend Sabrina Hooks at Resolutions Therapy.

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