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We accept most insurance and also offer affordable rates for self pay clients at $100 per session for individuals$125 per session for couples, and families. 

If you require medication management, please contact your psychiatrist.

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Embrace Positive Change  Transform Your Life

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and stronger connections? At East Wichita Resolutions, we specialize in individual, couple, and family therapy, guiding you towards resolutions that bring lasting change and fulfillment.

Our Approach:

✨ Individual Therapy: Explore your inner self, overcome challenges, and unlock your true potential with our personalized one-on-one sessions. Our experienced therapists provide a safe space for self-reflection and personal growth.

👫 Couples Therapy: Strengthen the foundation of your relationship and enhance communication. Whether you're navigating conflicts or seeking to deepen your bond, our skilled therapists offer support and tools to foster a thriving partnership.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family Therapy: Build stronger connections within your family unit. Our compassionate therapists work with families to address communication breakdowns, resolve conflicts, and create a harmonious environment for growth and understanding.

Why Choose East Wichita Resolutions?

1. Experienced Therapists: Our team of licensed therapists brings years of experience and expertise to guide you through your unique journey.

2. Tailored Approaches: We recognize that everyone is different. Our therapists craft personalized strategies to address your specific needs and goals.

3. Safe and Confidential Space: Your privacy is our priority. Feel confident in sharing your thoughts and emotions in a secure and confidential environment.

4. Proven Results: Our commitment is to empower individuals, couples, and families to overcome challenges and achieve positive, lasting change.

Meet Our therapists

I work collaboratively with my clients to assist in resolving past and current issues, release outdated beliefs, and


Therapy was developed to assist individuals and families in learning how to make change to their lives so


When you come and see me you will be welcomed into a non-judgmental, open and empathetic environment that


One of my favorite quotes: “I am not what has happened to me. I am who I choose


I am here to help people facing life’s many challenges. I work with adults with many different areas


Hi! I look forward to helping you be the best you can be by becoming mentally healthy and


Life is a journey that can sometimes be filled with challenges, adversity, hardships, and heartache. Life’s challenges can


I became a therapist because I truly wanted to help people heal. When I had my daughter a


My goal is to meet clients where they are and to encourage them to believe that wherever they


Reaching out for help is never easy and change can be difficult and painful. In life, we must


My name is Virgil Miller SR. I am a Masters’ Level Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist with


Life IS tough!!  Life is an ever changing roller coaster of ups and downs!  We all need someone


I have a strong focus on veterans needs and I meet the individual where they are at and


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